WikiLeaks – The End is Near

December 19, 2010

Okay, quick review… WikiLeaks founder Julian Assaunge goes to jail for publishing secrets of top officials in the US government. Also in those documents were embarrassing things about other world leaders – not just Americans.

But WikiLeaks has a poison pill, a way of lashing out at others if they are threatened… they’ll simply take down the websites of a few large institutions. Paypal, Mastercard, Visa,  and whoever else is on their enemies list. And this disruption isn’t from a single source, which would be easier to track down and defend against or prosecute. No, this attack comes from many (“thousands” they claim) sources.

So my question for the WikiLeaks crowd is, just what do you think will be the end result? Will it be your Utopian world where nobody (at least nobody on your enemies list) can keep secrets? Do you think Paypal, Mastercard et al are going to free Assange and life will return to the happy days of yore?

Let me tell you what will happen. Assange will be dragged thru years of court appearances and will likely never see the free light of a day outside of jail. And your beloved web which has allowed you to demonstrate your clever powers? It will be captured and locked down so that information, which used to be assumed free for all, will be locked tight. Laws will be passed (aided by the entertainment industry who would be more than happy to get back their restrictive copyrights) to make it more difficult if not impossible to lawfully share information.

It’s coming… wait for it. WikiLeaks thought they were fighting for free access and what they have done is to force the hand that will lock down the internet.


UPDATE: Aaaaand here it is. The saving grace here is the UN was the same institution that tried forcing the Global Warming fraud on everyone. We can only hope this initiative meets the same result.