NY Disaster

November 11, 2012

small dead animals: Featured Comment.

This is about the folks in NY still suffering without basic amenities after Super Storm Sandy. Explains it all in amazing clarity with minimal (though understandably necessary) cursing.

Remember – it’s NY in November and some folks are still in government tents. Not acceptable…

Good quote:

You want to know why they don’t cut the f-ing trees Davenport? It isn’t because they are stupid, it isn’t because they don’t know, it isn’t because private enterprise is inherently corrupt, it isn’t even because union workers are a bunch of rent-seeking layabouts. Its because every time they go to cut down a tree, some local Greenies get up a petition or a court order to make them stop. So they stop. So the trees break and knock down the power lines. Same thing all over the North East until you get up into snow country, where even the f-ing tree huggers know better.

Well -this- time it all came home to roost the same day, and every overhanging branch from New Jersey to Connecticut took out a line.


Health Care Hypocrites | Reason Magazine

August 22, 2009

Hit & Run > Scenes From the Shut-up-and-Sing-Sell-Arugula Protest – Reason Magazine

Posted on this already but the more I thought about it the more angry I became. Here’s a guy, John Mackey, CEO of a profitable business that has actually implemented a successful health care plan… NOT JUST IN THEORY, but an actual working plan that provides inexpensive quality health insurance for his employees.

He offers suggestions based on this successful experience… but due to the fact that it’s not Obama’s plan, the idiot Obamabots must oppose it.

Excuse me, but this is just stupid nonsense advocated by people too stoopid to realize they’re being played for chumps.

Obamacare = enormously expensive, complicated, confusing, unproven.

Mackeycare = simple, affordable, effective, and already working.

But then, it’s not really about health care – it’s about Democrats and unions winning.