Understanding the Tea Party Movement

September 7, 2010

The BBC Fails to Understand the Tea Party Movement — Says the Telegraph UK Wizbang

Very short article but dead on when it comes to understanding that you may not be happy after getting what you wish for… all people are flawed and putting a limit on the power of those who wish to rule is the smartest thing going.

Another example. During the initial reaction to 9/11, there were many who called for then President Bush to have increased powers so he could “take care of business”. Now we have President Obama. How many of those people would be happy if President Obama had those same greatly expanded powers to take care of business?

Similarly, there are people that bemoan the “party of no” stopping Obama from getting really good things accomplished. Say he was granted those powers and did as he may. The mood of the electorate swings. In a shock to many, Sarah Palin is swept into office in 2012. To those that would support expanding Obama’s powers…how to do you feel about President Palin ruling without checks and balances?

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The Insurgency That Wasn’t

May 3, 2010

FOXNews.com – Mich. Militia Members Can Leave Jail Until Trial

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot… this is the kind of thing that really sets me off.

Original MSM reports gave the impression that our government had just saved us from horrible people in Michigan intent on destroying America. And now these same monsters have been freed from jail?

The politics here are amazing… every Democrat in a close election joined ex-president Bill Clinton in decrying domestic violence against the government. It was just too easy to associate this with the growing Tea Party movement and the popular message that government is out of control.

This merely drives home the point further.