Fox News vs. Yahoo News

February 22, 2014

Fox News vs. Yahoo News

So here’s lead story vs. on this fine Saturday morning… I don’t know, I’ve been paying closer attention to what’s going on with Russia and her immediate neighbors. Ever since the collapse of USSR these satellite countries have internal struggles between citizens friendly to Russia (if not having actual Russian heritage) and those wanting to break all ties and join western Europe.

This is from the Fox News article:

Russia, the United States and the European Union are deeply worried about the future of Ukraine, a nation of 46 million whose loyalties and economy are divided between Europe and longtime ruler Moscow.

In a special parliament session, lawmakers warned that the country risks being split in two. The country’s western regions want to be closer to the EU and have rejected Yanukovych’s authority in many cities, while eastern Ukraine — which accounts for the bulk of the nation’s economic output — favors closer ties with Russia.

But many in America who get their minimum daily allowance of news from the likes of Yahoo (probably the most popular start page on the web) are treated to Olympics, goat videos, and Dancing With The Stars.

Not good America.



Hijackers Threatened Mystery Ship –

August 19, 2009

Hijackers Threatened to Blow Up Mystery Ship – Reports –

Yeah, this didn’t pass the smell test…

A ship, off the coast of France, is hijacked and held for ransom before Russia steps in and rescues the hostages while arresting the pirates.

Where do we begin…

  • What the hell is Russia doing patrolling for pirates off the coast of France?
  • When did Russia take such an interest in dealing with pirated ships?
  • What about rumors that illicit cargo was heading toward a terrorist state? Doesn’t that dovetail nicely with the fact that Russia has no problem with selling arms to any country desperate enough to do business w/the cash hungry Cossacks.

Here’s an opinion:

The official version of events was questioned by Yulia Latynina, a leading Russian opposition journalist and commentator.

“The Arctic Sea was carrying something, not timber and not from Finland, that necessitated some major work on the ship,” she wrote in the Moscow Times newspaper on Wednesday.

During two weeks of repair works in the Russian port of Kaliningrad just before the voyage, the ship’s bulkhead was dismantled so something very large could be loaded, she wrote.

“To put it plainly: The Arctic Sea was carrying some sort of anti-aircraft or nuclear contraption intended for a nice, peaceful country like Syria, and they were caught with it,” she said.