CARL ROWAN: Michael Brown witness more heroic than Eric Holder – Washington Times

December 2, 2014

From the very first day that news of Michael Brown’s shooting death by Officer Darren Wilson hit the front pages, Ferguson, Missouri, became synonymous with police brutality, improper training of officers and a racist, thin blue line. The case was like catnip to President Obama, a man who, six years into his term, has yet to show any understanding that he is the president of the United States, not president of the Democratic Party.

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Media Magnet: What if we just pulled the plug on Ferguson? | Fox News

August 21, 2014

Another reason why I detest TV news…

The news business feasts on the misfortune of others. Wars, plane crashes, murders—this is when journalists make a name for themselves.

Think of the perverse incentives. If violence flares, people are shot, arrests are made, that produces dramatic footage, which in turn is “good television.” If the night is quiet, there’s little news to report. A few quiet nights and some media folks begin to pack up. Nobody is rooting for violence, but that is why these media teams are in the St. Louis suburb.

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White Culture

November 7, 2010

Sort of cranky this morning after reading about revisionist history of the civil rights movement. On the heals of electing a black president we Americans, particularly conservatives, are still evil racists who secretly hate blacks and other minorities.

What a load of crap.

This comes after an evening enjoying cigars and beer with a good “white” friend of mine (funny, I never thought of him as being white) who made a statement about enjoying his church because it’s mostly white.

At first I was sort of put off and the racism alarm went off in my head.

But then I started thinking… there are many churches that are all black. There are also many churches that are all Asian and openly advertise Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese. Visit a Mexican neighborhood and you will certainly find churches that are all Mexican.

Certainly nobody has forced these churches to segregate. In fact the assumption is made that people attend the church of their color because they’re comfortable with it. But when white Americans make that choice they instantly transform into racists.

What a load of crap.

Show me the White Entertainment Channel. Show me White History Month. Show me White Pride Month. Show me the National Association for the Advancement of White People.

The usual response to this is everything is already setup to benefit the white race, so there is no need to further emphasize it. That also is a bunch of crap.

In every possible place where highlighting your heritage exists there is political correctness to squash my white Anglo culture. It is taboo. It is racist. It is shameful.

When will I be allowed to proudly proclaim my heritage?

Swiss ban mosque minarets in surprise vote – Yahoo! News

November 29, 2009

Swiss ban mosque minarets in surprise vote – Yahoo! News

Let’s see… you emigrate to other countries in large numbers, demand everyone change to accommodate your ways, and blow up anything you disagree with – WHY THE HELL WOULDN’T EVERYONE VOTE YOU OFF THE ISLAND?!!