Yet Another MSM Fail

May 2, 2015

Here’s a photo from the Baltimore riots… why hasn’t the media picked up on this? It certainly qualifies as a man-bites-dog story but I guess it just doesn’t fit the narrative of Blacks vs. Cops…



MSM – Like Obama, Like Hillary

April 22, 2015

When the press rolled over for Obama after the Jeremiah Wright incident, I knew they wouldn’t cover the election objectively. Now the same is happening with Hillary and her email server… the media is in the tank for Hillary.

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Wanna Be Journos

April 6, 2015

Journalist ethics – a vast empty space.

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Katrina, Sandy, and the Press

June 19, 2014

Another reason why nobody believes the news anymore…

A dangerous storm destroys or damages the homes of entire communities. Hundreds of thousands languish in the storm’s aftermath while waiting for federal and state aid to help them rebuild. Governmental incompetence prolongs the recovery period indefinitely. This sounds like the story of Hurricane Katrina, but could apply equally as well to the saga of superstorm Sandy. When the storm hit in 2012, damaging around 200,000 homes in New York and New Jersey, President Obama said, “My message to the federal government: No bureaucracy, no red tape.”

But seventeen months later, the reality has been vastly different, according a new WSJ piece. Of the 15,000 New York residents who have applied for relief, only 352 have received it; of the 11,500 eligible New Jersey residents, only 2,032 have been able to start rebuilding or repairing their homes.

For all the similarities between Katrina and Sandy, however, there’s one big difference: curiously, we hear a lot less about Sandy than we did about Katrina. Stories like this used to get a lot of ink when George W. Bush was in the White House and the press couldn’t say enough about the botched recovery after Katrina. But now that the greatest President since Lincoln occupies the Oval Office, trivial stories like agonizingly slow hurricane recoveries bore our enlightened press corps to tears.

via The Botched Recovery from Superstorm Sandy – The American Interest.

Redundancies: Washington Post and/or Crap

March 22, 2014

This is why I hate the press:

Let me offer an alternative explanation of why the Washington Post published their Keystone/Koch smear:

1) The Washington Post in general, and Mufson and Eilperin in particular, are agents of the Left, the environmental movement and the Democratic Party.

2) The Keystone Pipeline is a problem for the Democratic Party because 60% of voters want the pipeline built, while the party’s left-wing base insists that it not be approved.

3) The Keystone Pipeline is popular because it would broadly benefit the American people by creating large numbers of jobs, making gasoline more plentiful and bringing down the cost of energy.

4) Therefore, the Democratic Party tries to distract from the real issues surrounding the pipeline by claiming, falsely, that its proponents are merely tools of the billionaire Koch brothers–who, in fact, have nothing to do with Keystone one way or the other.

5) The Post published its article to assist the Democratic Party with its anti-Keystone talking points.

via Instapundit » Blog Archive » JOHN HINDERAKER: The Washington Post Responds To Me, and I Reply to the Post. So in the Post’s….

Over FCC Plans, MSM Finally a Bit Curious re Obama Admin – UPDATED

February 23, 2014

Obama’s FCC comes up with an idea to insert itself into newsrooms to make sure the American public is getting the right kind of news. Howard Kurtz, a long time media observer, wrote a column asking the question “What were they thinking?”

Elizabeth Scalia of the blog The Anchoress responds with this (read the whole thing):

“What are they thinking?” Mr. Kurtz, it’s pretty obvious; they’re thinking no one in the mainstream press has asked them a difficult or challenging question in 7 years, so why would they start now.

  • They’re thinking an obsequious press that couldn’t be bothered to sustain outrage over intrusions into its own phone and internet records won’t have a problem with the government parking itself into the newsroom.
  • They’re thinking that if the mainstream press could forgive them for considering espionage charges against a member of the press — for doing what reporters are supposed to do — and then re-commence their habitual boot-licking, there is no real risk of media folk suddenly calling out a “red line”, or even being able to identify one.
  • They’re figuring that with this president, the mainstream media has no idea what “a bridge too far” might mean. Nor, “abuse of power”; nor “cover-up”; nor “mendacity”, “incompetence”, “ineptitude” or “constitutional illiteracy.”
  • They know that half the people in the newsroom are either married to (or social buddies with) influential members of this government, and that everyone is all comfy and nicely settled in for the revolution.
  • They know that the press willfully surrendered its own freedoms some time ago, in the interests of ideology, and so they really won’t mind a little editorial supervision from the masters:

. . .we no longer need wonder why the mainstream media seems unconcerned about possible attacks on our first amendment rights to freedom of religion and the exercise thereof. They have already cheerfully, willfully surrendered the freedom of the press to the altar of the preferred narrative. People willing to dissolve their own freedoms so cheaply have no interest in anyone else’s freedom, either.

  • They know that if they like their newsroom, they can keep their newsroom, once it has been correctly updated. A Mad Man might sell the scheme as Prexy-Clean. Journalism “new and improved with powerful cleansing agents!”

I hope that helps, Mr. Kurtz.

via Over FCC Plans, MSM Finally a Bit Curious re Obama Admin – UPDATED.

The Won Percent

October 15, 2011
Via Instapundit – the hypocrisy of the Left is shining so bright for everyone but themselves to see. In the past month we’ve seen Morgan Freeman accuse the conservative Tea Party of being racist, only to have Herman Cain rise to the top of the TP presidential candidate list.

And the Occupy Wall Street crowd is demanding their fair share from the evil 1% while supporting The Won, himself a standing member of the 1%.

In the comments at exurbanleague: “You forgot that he has gotten more money from Wall Street than any other politician ever.”

Everyone is hypocritical at some time and to various degrees. But these examples of excess are stunning, along with MSM’s willingness to pretend it doesn’t exist.