Yet Another MSM Fail

May 2, 2015

Here’s a photo from the Baltimore riots… why hasn’t the media picked up on this? It certainly qualifies as a man-bites-dog story but I guess it just doesn’t fit the narrative of Blacks vs. Cops…



Wanna Be Journos

April 6, 2015

Journalist ethics – a vast empty space.

SNAG_4-6-2015_9.12.54 PM

MSM: “Kill Lauten! Gruber? Never heard of him…”

December 3, 2014

Another reason why MSM gets no respect from conservatives:

What happened was newsworthy, no question. But Elizabeth Lauten was an obscure Hill staffer, not a member of Congress. The piling on has at times seemed out of control.

Contrast the conduct of the big newspapers and networks with what happened when those Jonathan Gruber videos surfaced, showing the ObamaCare architect saying the law had been packaged deceptively and sold based on the public’s stupidity. The “CBS Evening News” took four days to cover the story, the New York Times six days. “NBC Nightly News” and ABC’s “World News Tonight” didn’t find Gruber newsworthy until the following week.

via Hill aide savaged for criticizing Obama teenagers: Has it gone too far? | Fox News.

Boycott NBC and ABC

November 23, 2014

What possible motivation would Republicans have for dancing with the MSM?

ABC and NBC have instituted a three-week blackout — on network broadcasts, websites and social media pages — of the devastating admissions of MIT economist Jonathan Gruber. The ACA architect repeatedly boasted of deceiving the American public about legislation that cost six million people their family doctor. This should be the final straw in any relationship the GOP and RNC leadership has with these networks, period. No more debates, no more appearances on “Meet The Press,” “Morning Joe,” or “This Week” on ABC.

via Memo To Reince: Enough is Enough. Boycott NBC and ABC. | Ricochet.

Liberal Media – Hoisted On Their Own Standards

November 20, 2014

Love this… there’s a website that takes Doonesbury’s comics and “fixes” them. In other words, substitutes the truth in place of what Trudeau first attempted. See images below for Truesbury and the original it came from.



Ambush Interviews and Double Standards

November 2, 2014

Speaking of speaking the truth to power…

If Mattera were documenting the corruption of Mitch McConnell, the Koch brothers, and Bill O’Reilly instead of Harry Reid, Tom Steyer, and Jay Z, you can be sure he’d receive a glowing reception from the Today Show to MSNBC.

via Ambush Interviews and Double Standards | Washington Free Beacon.

CNN’s Carol Costello apologizes for Palin remarks –

October 23, 2014


Scarborough said everyone is guilty for presuming the Palins are to be used as a “punch line.”“There is the very real possibility that something terrible happened to them,” Scarborough said. “… I think we all shot first and asked questions later and a lot of people are guilty of that.”

In a blog post on Wednesday, Bristol Palin said the “hypocrisy of the media is laid bare” by their treatment of that night.

“Imagine for a second the outrage that would happen if Chelsea Clinton had gotten pushed by some guy.  Had she tried to defend herself, the liberal media would’ve held her up as some feminist hero,” Palin wrote.

via CNN’s Carol Costello apologizes for Palin remarks –