China, Middle East, and US Support

March 5, 2011

China paper blasts Middle East protest movements – Yahoo! News

Sorry Fox News, Rush, Glenn and every other conservative pundit out there – as much as we’d all like to see Obama assertively step up to the plate in support of the Mideast protesters it ain’t gonna happen.

Because supporting the Mideast protesters will eventually lead to the question of China’s own protesters, and we sold our democracy soul to China a long time ago.


Women, the Press, and the Middle East

February 21, 2011

So let’s face it – the idea of an objective unbiased news source was a myth all along. We have NEVER had an unbiased media, and if you’re watching the evening news on TV or reading a daily paper in the morning, you better know who’s doing the writing and what their political views are.

In light of that, I would much rather know the politics of a news source as a backdrop to their story. Reporters who DON’T exaggerate their political opponents score high marks – those that do are discounted accordingly.

Think about it – according to our unbiased press the greatest threat to modern feminism is Sarah Palin.

Regarding the status of women in the middle east, I’ll defer to this opinion:

Posted an image of this because links on the internet are very unreliable. But here's the URL:

Truths We Dare Not Speak | Victor Davis Hanson

January 14, 2010

Works and Days » Truths We Dare Not Speak

Very interesting… one of the first comments I read, though, respectfully asked for evidence regarding California public unions. As a lifelong resident of the Left Coast I have to give the benefit of doubt to VDH.