Plea for Comment Thread Civility | Megan McArdle

February 7, 2010

My Quarterly Plea for Comment Thread Civility – Megan McArdle

This should be mandatory reading for anyone posting anything on the internet… seriously.

Take a step back, folks, and consider the possibility that you (gasp!) may be the one wrong.


Swiss ban mosque minarets in surprise vote – Yahoo! News

November 29, 2009

Swiss ban mosque minarets in surprise vote – Yahoo! News

Let’s see… you emigrate to other countries in large numbers, demand everyone change to accommodate your ways, and blow up anything you disagree with – WHY THE HELL WOULDN’T EVERYONE VOTE YOU OFF THE ISLAND?!!

Yale University: Blame-the-Speaker Approach | The Volokh Conspiracy

August 19, 2009

The Volokh Conspiracy – Yale University Press Buys Into the Blame-the-Speaker Approach

Yale Univesity self-censored itself by not showing the illustrations in a book about the cartoons of Mohamed that incited violence a few years ago. Their reason boils down to the same sad “didn’t want to offend anyone” logic.

This from the comments:

Just another case of liberal academia showing it’s true ‘backbone’… They’re real good at yelling and screaming against the USA, when they know the police will be there to PROTECT them, not SILENCE them, but let there be the slightest actual danger or even hint of such, and they run like the scared rabbits they are.

Well said.