Apple is a Joke

September 29, 2014

This is just too effing rich… for years Apple maintained cell phones larger than 3.5″ were too big, and weak justifications about needing a small screen for one hand use were immortalized by their fans. Until the iPhone 5 grew to 4″ – then single hand use became a diminished value. Not for any statistical reasons, but, you know… because Apple.

Except now the iPhone 6 is here with 4.7″ and 5.5″ screens. Hopefully Obamacare covers fanboy whiplash, because they’re gonna dramatically reverse positions with all that crap about single-hand use.

But there’s more.

Remember the criticism of Samsung for building Galaxy phones that had a cheap plastic feel, and couldn’t compare with the iPhone’s solid metal design? Well it’s become apparent that the iPhone 6 is getting bent after riding in a pants pocket. Physically BENT, as in broken and cannot be used anymore.

So now I’m coming across articles saying you should never put your cell phone in a pants pocket – only a crazy person would expect to treat a $700 device that badly! Never mind that no other cell phone manufacturers have this problem… it’s because of stupid users!

Ha! Maybe Apple should study the Galaxy’s plastic look-and-feel to learn how build a beautiful, thin, powerful cell phone that can withstand the mortal rigors of riding in a pocket.


Why Apple Sucks

November 17, 2010

The Beatles arrive on iTunes, at last – Yahoo! News

Here again we have build up of an exciting announcement from Apple, only to be let down… the Beatles, fully 40 years after they broke up, are now available on iTunes.


Pardon my yawn but I’ve been playing Beatles songs on my iPod for so long now that I’m pretty much sick of them. Bought the CDs… ripped to mp3… copied to iTunes… sync with iPod – don’t blink or you’ll miss the magic.

Why does Apple deserve any attention at all, except for the fact that a sizable portion of the population swoons over every Apple event. Some might argue that in itself is newsworthy, but at a certain point it becomes merely predictable and about as newsworthy as a traffic jam during the morning commute.


Obama and Apple Marketing

November 7, 2010

So I was reading this about Obama and the sales job his campaign worked during the 2008 election. And as usual the comments section contained a gem of truth:

4. Jack Olson

Marketers love to create a cult brand because cult status guarantees a hard core of customers so emotionally invested in the brand that they not only won’t switch but they express their contempt for buyers of other brands. When a man buys a Harley Davidson jacket, a Valvoline gimmee cap, or a Smith & Wesson belt buckle, or when he puts a decal on his Ford of a little boy peeing on a Chevy emblem, he’s identifying himself with the cult brand. The marketers have succeeded in making him feel superior through identification with their brand, like a woman who just doesn’t feel right unless her sweater was designed by Donna Karan. Obama created a successful cult brand. The danger of a cult brand, though, is that marketers who overprice the product, oversell it, or let it grow obsolete, lose the customers who bought the product but didn’t join the cult. They feel a sense of disappointment for having bought the product instead of a sense of superiority. They may even join a competitive cult brand. If the creators of the Tea Party fall prey to the temptations which have undermined the Obama cult brand, they will lose popularity, too.

November 7, 2010 – 6:20 am

The thing that struck me was this applies to Apple as well. The statement “…a hard core of customers so emotionally invested in the brand that they not only won’t switch but they express their contempt for buyers of other brands” could be read as the very definition of Apple customers.

And I think that’s why I’ve joined the “competitive cult brand” of PCs. I see Apple products as falling short of the advertising.

Apple – I Just Don’t Get It

October 20, 2010

Apple unveils new MacBook Air, previews revamped Mac OS X – Yahoo! News

Okay, so some minor build up as Apple announces two new laptop models… MacBook Air 11″ and 13″ models. Here’s what caught my eye (and what I don’t get about the whole Apple thing):

Starting at $1,299 for the new 13-inch Air ($200 cheaper than last year’s entry-level Air) and $999 for the 11.6-inch version, both models sport Intel Core 2 Duo processors…

Core 2 Duo? Thats an old processor model… Intel Core i processors have been out for months – why is Apple attempting to sell new sizzle with an older line of processors? And at those prices?!!

I just bought a 13″ Dell Vostro with Core i5 processor, 4Gb RAM and 230Gb hard drive for $580. That was tax, license, shipping… EVERYTHING… delivered to my door in two days. And I could have gotten it for a lot less if I chose a Core 2 Duo processor!

I just don’t understand how Apple mesmerizes their customers into paying top dollar for what is quite simply older generation performance.

Oh, and I do own an iPod Touch so I’m not just a PC guy slamming anything Apple.