Global Elite Failures

Excellent article from Walter Russell Mead pointing out several assumptions that have proven to be questionable at best, outright disasters at worst.

According to the Mr. Mead here’s a list of failures:

  • That we had a policy to end the North Korean nuclear drive (ditto for Iran)
  • That Europe was becoming a great posthistorical power based on the mighty engine of the euro
  • That the two-state solution was just a settlement freeze away
  • That international institutions and civil society were replacing national governments at the center of world politics
  • That immigration was a no-brainer
  • That the progress toward free trade was inexorable
  • That democracy was irresistibly on the march

Money quote: “A different kind of statesmanship, harder-edged and less sentimental, is going to be needed… Brutal clarity rather than liberal pink cloud thinking is the rising force in international affairs.”


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