California–Leadership Fail


Found this on Drudge Report… I’ve lived in San Jose and worked in Palo Alto for 35 years, and traffic in the Bay Area is the worst I’ve ever seen. When the dot com bubble was at its peak, even then it was not as bad as now.

But it’s not just traffic. Quality of life in California is reaching a precipitous point – housing prices are outrageous, we have no water thanks to environmental policies that discourage dams, we pay extra for special gasoline that becomes even more scarce during shortages, and now traffic is a nightmare.

Thank you, state planners. You’ve opened the borders, adding millions more to the population, while bowing to special interests that choose to enhance the lifestyle of animals as opposed to citizens.

It would be nice to add more lanes to those freeways, but the argument has always been that that only encourages more drivers. But that logic fails when you consider the number of immigrant drivers coming across an open border. Were they expecting newcomers to pledge a loyalty to pedestrianism?

Sorry to be such a Republican downer, but Democrat policies that have flourished in this state for the past 50 years are now coming home to roost. And it’s only going to get worse…


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