Not Gonna Happen


Here’s why this won’t sway voters who support Trump. This is a video over 10 years old that has obviously been revealed to embarrass and shame him. It won’t work because there have been so many attempts to selectively stir up fake outrage depending on who the target is – and guess what… only Republicans have a target on their backs. So people instantly recognize this for what it is – a sleazy attempt to sway voters with little substance behind it. Yeah, Trump said something he shouldn’t have – big deal. That’s what he does, and if you didn’t know that about him by now you haven’t been paying attention.

The other reason it won’t work is Hillary has Bill Clinton. His chasing of women is legendary, going far beyond the meaning of consenting adults. Why he hasn’t been given the Cosby treatment is beyond me, except it’s obvious that “special people” get “special treatment”. Same with the FBI investigation. If anyone other than a Clinton had done these things there would be howls of outrage followed by trials and imprisonment.

Thank goodness Donald Trump has the balls to stare this one down too.


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