Bring Back Dueling!

It was back in the 80’s/90’s when I noticed the trend to celebrate breaking rules. Instead of cheating it came to be considered “clever”. The sign says No Fishing, but if you find a way into the forbidden water you’ll get what you want faster and better. Because if you don’t then others will.

This breaking of rules has grown to include how you treat others. Disrupt a stage. Shout down a speaker. Reach out and take what you want and ignore the impact to others.

Dueling would confer consequences onto all the ugly, dishonest, uncouth, untrue, and defamatory things people say about you or your family. Yes, some politicians might be struck down if we allowed this ancient combat to reemerge in contemporary society. But I’m sure that’s a sacrifice most of us would be willing to make.

Source: Bring Back Dueling!


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