Why I Hate Traditional Media

October 22, 2015


AOL… Really?

October 19, 2015

It’s the year 2015 and the web has been around for 20 years… and the director of the CIA has an AOL account?

If Romney Had Bombed an Afghan Hospital

October 18, 2015

If a Republican were president the liberal press would be outraged over the very same things they dismiss of a Democrat president… not just hypocrites but mind-numbing predictable hypocrites.

If Romney were president, Democrats in Congress would be calling for hearings and investigations for each transgression: the bombing, troop levels, and drone policy. Chuck Schumer would hold daily press briefings scolding the wreckless president from behind the glasses perched precariously down his nose. Someone would accurately quote Sheila Jackson-Lee condemning the terrible bombing of the “orphanage in Pakistan”.

But Mitt Romney isn’t president, Barack Obama is, so no one cares.

Then I found this explanation of Democrats and Republicans in the comments section – very true and insightful:

Remember, modern liberalism divides people into three groups: victims, victimizers, and the victimhood (think Robinhood).

Republicans are victimizers; therefore anything they do is wrong by definition. Even if by outward appearances they may do great good, since they are victimizers, there must always be some sort of devious motivation behind the acts, so you must be super vigilant to find it.

Democrats are the victimhood. They are selflessly and relentlessly defending the victims from the victimizers. Sure they may make mistakes now and again that cause bad and suffering to occur, but their motivations are always noble and selfless, so therefore you dont have to worry about watching them too closely. They can always be trusted to intend to do the right thing.

These classifications are not based on any sort of empirical evidence. They are axioms, or self-evident truths that cannot be refuted. Sort of like the caste system in Hinduism. Republicans were born into the victimizer caste and Democrats were born into the victimhood caste and that is just the way things are.

Source: Instapundit » Blog Archive » ANALYSIS: TRUE. Here’s What Would Be Happening if President Romney Had Bombed a Hospital in Afgh…

Golden State’s Luck

October 13, 2015

Government Workers

October 12, 2015


Laws Are For Little People

October 12, 2015

Whoa… truth.

Truth About Vietnam War

October 10, 2015

To this day I am stunned that there are any Vietnamese Americans still supporting the Democrats. Credit the power of the main stream media for this travesty.