Not Islamic

May 23, 2015

Says it all…



Dear Muslims: Why Am I Drawing Muhammad?

May 4, 2015

Steven Crowder says it all…

You can draw Jesus, sure. Even create a play (like “Jesus Christ Superstar”) about him. You can sell statues of Bhudda or Vishnu. Heck, I’m pretty sure you can even purchase illustrated version L. Ron. Hubbard’s science fiction novels (before they became a religion and all). I’ve even got my Tom-Cruise engraved thetan-testing kit. Highly reccomended.

But the second anyone pencils a little picture of Muhammad, everyone’s sphincter puckers tighter than a starfish on a sun-dial.

And he closes with:

To those saying that I’m an intolerant jerk… hey, I’m not the one forbidding a damn picture. Intolerance, my ass.

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Yet Another MSM Fail

May 2, 2015

Here’s a photo from the Baltimore riots… why hasn’t the media picked up on this? It certainly qualifies as a man-bites-dog story but I guess it just doesn’t fit the narrative of Blacks vs. Cops…