Punishment For Falsely Accusing Should Match Punishment For The Crime

This mostly talks about false accusations of assault and copyright take-down notices… but I was wondering why women who level false charges of rape are not given the same punishment as a rapist. After all, if the crime is so awful shouldn’t the false accusation be just as awful?

Why aren’t the seven witnesses to Dendinger’s nonexistent assault on Cassard already facing felony charges? Why are all but one of the cops who filed false reports still wearing badges and collecting paychecks? Why aren’t the attorneys who filed false reports facing disbarment? Dendinger’s prosecutors both filed false reports, then prosecuted Dendinger based on the reports they knew were false. They should be looking for new careers — after they get out of jail.

via Should The Punishment For Falsely Accusing People Of A Crime Match The Punishment For The Crime Itself? | Techdirt.


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