Hillary’s Done Nothing

February 27, 2015

Hillary’s entire campaign summarized in one statement:

Why do you think her campaign revolves around having a vagina?

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Jon Stewart’s Lies Brainwashed A Generation

February 15, 2015


Most other journalists aren’t allowed to swear or to slam powerful figures (lest they be denied chances to interview them in future). Their editors make them tone down their opinions and cloak them behind weasel words like “critics say.” Journalists have to dress up in neutrality drag every day, and it’s a bore.

Yet Stewart uses his funnyman status as a license to dispense with even the most minimal journalistic standards. Get both sides of the story? Hey, I’m just a comedian, man. Try to be responsible about what the real issues are? Dude, that’s too heavy, we just want to set up the next d- -k joke.

Brian Williams has become a joke for telling lies, but Jon Stewart is a liar for the way he told jokes.

via How Jon Stewart turned lies into comedy and brainwashed a generation | New York Post.


February 5, 2015