How Obama Marginalized the Democrats

November 30, 2014

Every once in a while the a politician slips up and speaks the truth…

Democrats have spent the past six years attempting a divide and conquer strategy aimed at small slices of the population while ignoring everyone else. Schumer learned a belated lesson from the midterms, and acknowledged it this week. Some Democrats still haven’t gotten the message.

And this was in the comments:

The Democrats could have taken out the credit card and bought a host of real improvements that they could have pointed at for generations… A vigorous, active stimulus would then have shown the Democrats could be trusted to govern and made something like, say, Medicare-for-all much more possible.

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Boycott NBC and ABC

November 23, 2014

What possible motivation would Republicans have for dancing with the MSM?

ABC and NBC have instituted a three-week blackout — on network broadcasts, websites and social media pages — of the devastating admissions of MIT economist Jonathan Gruber. The ACA architect repeatedly boasted of deceiving the American public about legislation that cost six million people their family doctor. This should be the final straw in any relationship the GOP and RNC leadership has with these networks, period. No more debates, no more appearances on “Meet The Press,” “Morning Joe,” or “This Week” on ABC.

via Memo To Reince: Enough is Enough. Boycott NBC and ABC. | Ricochet.

‘If We Left, They Wouldn’t Have Nobody’ : NPR

November 23, 2014

Two ordinary guys, a cook and a janitor, making a difference in this messed up world by simply stepping forward in a difficult situation.

“There was about 16 residents left behind, and we had a conversation in the kitchen, ‘What are we going to do?’ ” Rowland says.”If we left, they wouldn’t have nobody,” the 34-year-old Alvarez says.

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Liberal Media – Hoisted On Their Own Standards

November 20, 2014

Love this… there’s a website that takes Doonesbury’s comics and “fixes” them. In other words, substitutes the truth in place of what Trudeau first attempted. See images below for Truesbury and the original it came from.



Alexa Shrugged: My Obamacare Story in 1 Picture

November 20, 2014

She goes on to describe how cost increases were timed to kick in after the election because, you know – stupid voters and all…


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Meager Returns for the Democrats’ Biggest Donor –

November 8, 2014

Remember this the next time Republicans are accused of being the party of Big Money.

In the last days before the midterm elections, Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmentalist who spent at least $57 million of his own money to influence Tuesday’s outcome — more than any other single donor — set off on a frenetic get-out-the-vote tour to Colorado, Iowa and finally New Hampshire. There, he told business owners in Portsmouth that climate change is an economic issue, thanked college students in Durham for knocking on doors, and gave a pep talk to canvassers in Dover before they fanned out to collect voter data on their smartphones.After all that, Mr. Steyer appears to have largely wasted his time and money.

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Ambush Interviews and Double Standards

November 2, 2014

Speaking of speaking the truth to power…

If Mattera were documenting the corruption of Mitch McConnell, the Koch brothers, and Bill O’Reilly instead of Harry Reid, Tom Steyer, and Jay Z, you can be sure he’d receive a glowing reception from the Today Show to MSNBC.

via Ambush Interviews and Double Standards | Washington Free Beacon.