WaPo: Impossible To Be Successful Modern President

I’m only highlighting this article because it, and the person it attempts to protect, are getting ripped in the comments.

It’s virtually impossible to be a successful modern president – The Washington Post

The polarization of Congress and the public is, in part, thanks to the rhetoric and policy goals that presidents and parties have taken. Presidents cannot play partisan politics and then protest that the country is ungovernable because it is so polarized along partisan lines. Obama has played between rhetoric of uniting people and rhetoric of demonizing opposition. If this has made his job impossible, he largely has himself to blame for it.

America is tough to govern when you try to ram major, unpopular changes down its throat with legislative tricks and illegal unilateral executive changes. It’s supposed to be. And it’s tough to run when you have no career experience doing anything but giving speeches, too. Even when you take all your advice by intellectual giants like Valerie Jarrett.

Really? Obama had a supermajority in the Senate and a 76 seat majority in the House. Leftists are nothing if not consistent in their attempts to re-write history. In his first two years in office Obama faced no Republican opposition because there was none.

If all else fails, lower your expectations. Let the excuse parade begin.

And he was such a brilliant community organizer – who could have known!


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