Unnecessary Regulations

July 28, 2014

We have a 6 page Quality System Document titled “Food Consumption and Storage”.

It has revision history, table of contents, 6 sections (Purpose, Scope, Definitions, etc.) and an appendix.

The “policy” being defined is literally this: “Food and drink must not be consumed or stored in manufacturing areas. Transportation of food and drink must reside in a sealed container.”

That’s it… 6 page document complete with revisions and signatures to say no food in the manufacturing area.

This is a specific example of a regulatory environment adding unnecessary cost to a product. How many man-hours were needed to put this document together? How much money was wasted on salaries to prepare, produce, revise, and approve this pointless drivel?

Alternative? How about an email to all manufacturing supervisors saying no food or drink on the factory floor?


ObamaCare Court Defense Crumbles

July 26, 2014

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.com sums up ObamaCare after court rules that states without exchanges do not qualify for federal subsidies:

They took a crappy bill that they hadn’t read, they rammed it through on a party-line vote using a budget-reconciliation technicality, then they did an “I won” victory dance. Now it turns out the bill sucks and they’re blaming Republicans for not stopping them.

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ObamaCare Takes a Body Blow

July 23, 2014

Short term thinking… ObamaCare was thrown together when the Dems held majorities in the House and the Senate. But the Repubs took over majority in the House, and as a result ObamaCare could no longer be modified without major concessions.

The language of the Affordable Care Act plainly says that subsidies are only available on exchanges established by states. The plaintiff argued this meant that, well, subsidies could only be available on exchanges established by states.

Thus we have convoluted logic attempting to defend something that isn’t logical:

The government argued that this was ridiculous; when you consider the law in its totality, it said, the federal government obviously never meant to exclude federally operated exchanges from the subsidy pool, because that would gut the whole law. The appeals court disagreed with the government, 2-1. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million people may lose their subsidies as a result.

Because the Dems putting this monstrosity together didn’t bother to consider what would happen if they needed Repub cooperation later on. And now, of course, they complain about intransigent Republicans.

via Obamacare Takes a Body Blow – Bloomberg View.


WaPo: Impossible To Be Successful Modern President

July 21, 2014

I’m only highlighting this article because it, and the person it attempts to protect, are getting ripped in the comments.

It’s virtually impossible to be a successful modern president – The Washington Post

The polarization of Congress and the public is, in part, thanks to the rhetoric and policy goals that presidents and parties have taken. Presidents cannot play partisan politics and then protest that the country is ungovernable because it is so polarized along partisan lines. Obama has played between rhetoric of uniting people and rhetoric of demonizing opposition. If this has made his job impossible, he largely has himself to blame for it.

America is tough to govern when you try to ram major, unpopular changes down its throat with legislative tricks and illegal unilateral executive changes. It’s supposed to be. And it’s tough to run when you have no career experience doing anything but giving speeches, too. Even when you take all your advice by intellectual giants like Valerie Jarrett.

Really? Obama had a supermajority in the Senate and a 76 seat majority in the House. Leftists are nothing if not consistent in their attempts to re-write history. In his first two years in office Obama faced no Republican opposition because there was none.

If all else fails, lower your expectations. Let the excuse parade begin.

And he was such a brilliant community organizer – who could have known!

Christina Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?

July 20, 2014

From and interview with a real feminist…

The Millennials have been cheated out of a serious education by their Baby Boomer teachers. Call it a generational swindle. Even the best and brightest among the 20-somethings have been shortchanged. Instead of great books, they wasted a lot of time with third-rate political tracts and courses with titles like “Women Writers of the Oklahoma Panhandle.” Instead of spending their college years debating and challenging received ideas, they had to cope with speech codes and identity politics. College educated young women in the U.S. are arguably the most fortunate people in history; yet many of them have drunk deeply from the gender feminist Kool-Aid. Girls at Yale, Haverford and Swarthmore see themselves as oppressed. That is madness. And madness can only last so long. So, I plan to continue writing books and articles, making my Factual Feminist videos and lecturing at as many campuses and laws schools as I can. American colleges have been described as islands of repression in a sea of freedom. I want to encourage rebellion among the islanders.

via Christina Sommers: Author, Who Stole Feminism? | Ravishly.

Theoretically, Pelosi A “F***ing Useless C**t”

July 13, 2014

Speaking real truth to real power:

The actor, who identifies as a libertarian, said “dishonesty” and “double standards” frustrate him the most. Accordingly, there are certain things that left-leaning comedians like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart can say, but not others, he said.

“Well, if I called Nancy Pelosi a c**t—and I’ll go one better, a f***ing useless c**t—I can’t really say that. But Bill Maher and Jon Stewart can, and nobody’s going to stop them from working because of it,” Oldman said.

“It’s our culture now, absolutely. At the Oscars, if you didn’t vote for ’12 Years a Slave,’ you were a racist. You have to be very careful about what you say,” he continued. “I do have particular views and opinions that most of this town doesn’t share, but it’s not like I’m a fascist or a racist. There’s nothing like that in my history.”

Famous Actor’s Fiery Rant Against ‘Political Correctness,’ Hollywood Double Standards — and His Theoretical Nancy Pelosi Joke Will Make Jaws Drop | TheBlaze.com.

Growing Up Fast

July 8, 2014

The average age of an RAF pilot in 1940 was 20. The strain they were under is clearly written on the face of Squadron Leader Brian “Sandy” Lane pictured here aged 23, He was killed in combat 2 years later.Gr


via Curiosities: Amazing Historical Pictures.