Obama’s Transparent Incompetence

For an administration who’s stated goal was to be the most transparent ever, the most obvious transparency is of incompetence.

The surprise arrest Sunday of a “key leader” of the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, who had been living openly and interviewed by the media despite being indicted nearly a year ago, has prompted speculation the raid was timed to take the heat off an increasingly beleaguered White House.

“All of these decisions are political,” said Fred Burton, vice president of intelligence with Stratfor, a commercial intelligence service. “It is curious, the timing … I know the suspect was identified early after the attack and he certainly was accessible to a range of reporters from various international media outlets who interviewed him inside of Benghazi. At the end of the day, these decisions are signed off by the (National Security Council) and the White House. It’s really a question for them.”

via Timing questioned in Benghazi consulate attack arrest | Boston Herald.


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