More Taxes = More Votes?

Love this logic… since it’s evil to be rich (unless, of course, you’re George Soros) and the penalty for being so is to pay your fair share, then it’s only logical (or fair to use a popular adjective) that the amount you pay equals the voice you have in government. If you pay a lot of taxes then you get a lot of votes. If you pay no taxes (I’m looking at you on government assistance or corporations using tax shelters) then you get  no votes.

Because we’re talking about fairness, right?

If our political liabilities — taxes — should be as a matter of justice proportional to our income, then why shouldn’t our political input be likewise proportionate?

via Instapundit » Blog Archive » KEVIN WILLIAMSON: Tom Perkins Has A Point: Our Taxation System Is Morally Insane. Today, he is ….


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