The End of Snow? –

The End of Snow? –


Taking names… Porter Fox, you are on the watch list for ridiculous predictions. The east coast has just endured their 2nd major winter storm, and you cling to your beloved idea that global warming is a danger to us all.

And the very next day we run into this article from Popular Science about not enough salt for cities trying to climb out of all the snow this winter:

“We mine and stockpile salt throughout the entire year to support our customers during the winter, so it’s not like we do it all right before the snow hits,” she says. “But with this severe winter season, within the last month or so, the orders for icing salt have surged with the intensity and frequency of the cold weather across the country. Logistics can become a challenge when the majority of customers want salt delivered at the same time.”

Add to this record snowfall in Japan.

Eleven people died, more than a thousand were injured and tens of thousands lost power when the worst snowstorm in decades hit Tokyo and areas around the Japanese capital before heading north to blanket the tsunami-hit Pacific coast.

Who you gonna believe, global-warmists at the NYT or your lying eyes!


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