The Won Percent

October 15, 2011
Via Instapundit – the hypocrisy of the Left is shining so bright for everyone but themselves to see. In the past month we’ve seen Morgan Freeman accuse the conservative Tea Party of being racist, only to have Herman Cain rise to the top of the TP presidential candidate list.

And the Occupy Wall Street crowd is demanding their fair share from the evil 1% while supporting The Won, himself a standing member of the 1%.

In the comments at exurbanleague: “You forgot that he has gotten more money from Wall Street than any other politician ever.”

Everyone is hypocritical at some time and to various degrees. But these examples of excess are stunning, along with MSM’s willingness to pretend it doesn’t exist.


American Press Gone Soft

October 2, 2011
The only thing that’s gotten soft in America is press coverage of Democrat politicians. This guy was given a free ride, both during his campaign and after the election, by the MSM that is only now coming to grips with their mistake. For an institution that claims to be the “Forth Estate” these people were soundly asleep at the wheel.
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Obama: U.S. Had “Gotten a Little Soft” in Last Couple Decades, Lost Competitiveness

ap president obama jef 110927 wblog Obama: U.S. Had Gotten a Little Soft in Last Couple Decades, Lost Competitiveness
In an interview with an Orlando TV station Thursday, President Obama said that the U.S. had “gotten a little soft” in the last couple decades, losing its competitiveness.
“The way I think about it is, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades,” he said. “We need to get back on track.”
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