Obama Birth Certificate

Obama’s got a birth certificate problem… connect the dots:

  1. Since before his election the question was asked whether he is a natural US citizen – a qualification for any US president. His campaign successfully reduced this question to being a ridiculous exercise reserved for the wacko fringe element.
  2. Even after his election, mainstream (supposedly not wacko) people continued with the questioning. See Mike Huckabee, who attempts to pull himself out of the wacko fringe element by saying he “misspoke”.
  3. Neil Abercrombie, current DEMOCRAT governor of Hawaii, decides to take on the wacko fringe element and summon the vast powers of his island domain to prove Obama was indeed born in Hawaii.
  4. Neil Abercombie, current DEMOCRAT governor of Hawaii, comes to the conclusion that his vast powers are not enough to prove Obama was indeed born in Hawaii… it’s a privacy thing so don’t even ask about it.
  5. Donald Trump jumps into the fray, willing to be cast among the wacko fringe elements, and claims Obama has no birth certificate.

Look, it’s pretty simple. Either there’s a real problem and the president has run out of political tricks to hide it, or there isn’t a problem and conclusive evidence will prove all of his critics are frothing idiots.

In any case momentum is growing around this issue and simply calling others lunatics because they ask a question isn’t going to suffice much longer.

UPDATE: Then there’s this regarding Jerome Corsi’s book, Where’s the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President on Amazon.com. In hardcover no less…


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