US – Libya War

Gadhafi vows long war after US, allies strike – Yahoo! News


Cindy Sheehan? Campouts at the presidents house? Protests in San Francisco? The moral urgency? David Letterman? Jon Stewart? Stephen Colbert? Nancy Pelosi? NY Times? Declaration of War from congress – or even a resolution?

Oh thats right… back then it was all about oil.

UPDATE: Found this in the comments section of the Althouse blog:

JayC said…
Scott Walker’s invasion of Libya is an illegal war of choice on a sovereign nation. No blood for cheese! Wait a minute… I think I have the wrong script. Give me a minute, here.
3/19/11 9:31 PM


One Response to US – Libya War

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    You’re not seeing Sheehan, Letterman, etc. because they believe their own liberal lie–if you criticize THE ONE, you must be a racist.

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