Chicago and California – One and the Same

Rahm Emanuel transition team member resigns after questions on state ethics violations –

Where oh where to start…

Let’s begin with Judy Erwin, former IL lawmaker busted last year for conducting campaign business while on the governement clock. In other words, during Barak Obama’s campaign in 2008 she was getting paid by non-partisan taxpayers to work on a partisan campaign. A big no-no, which not only got her fined and fired but she also was made to promise never again to work for the state of IL.

All of this came to light last summer.

But things get busy and it’s easy to forget promises made in the bliss of summer, especially those that come with a fine and losing your job. Why should we wonder at her paid position on newly elected Rahm Emanuel’s transition team? This was a political explosion that even Rahm recognized needed swift attention.

Next we’ll move to Rahm’s campaign theme of ethical reform… Rahm Emanuel… the guy who needed a state supreme court decision to calculate just how much he bent the residency law to legally make the Chicago ballot.

Put it this way – Rahm Emanuel is to ethics like Hollywood is to Christianity. Any attempt to even pretend there’s a connection will only convince those who are either incredibly foolish or who truly want to be fooled.

Which brings me and my battered California ego to ask the question, “Who the hell voted for this guy… based on ETHICS?!!” And the only reason I mention California is because the rest of the nation wonders at why we still vote the same incumbents into office despite the obvious disaster that sticks to their hands (see 2nd time gov Jerry Brown and Sen. Barbara Boxer, teacher and public employee unions).

So the only explanation I can see is it really is the same in Chicago as California. Gerrymandered voting districts, voter rolls filled with dead people, and media bias willing to turn a blind eye.

No wonder Chicago looks so familiar to this California native.


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