Women, the Press, and the Middle East


So let’s face it – the idea of an objective unbiased news source was a myth all along. We have NEVER had an unbiased media, and if you’re watching the evening news on TV or reading a daily paper in the morning, you better know who’s doing the writing and what their political views are.

In light of that, I would much rather know the politics of a news source as a backdrop to their story. Reporters who DON’T exaggerate their political opponents score high marks – those that do are discounted accordingly.

Think about it – according to our unbiased press the greatest threat to modern feminism is Sarah Palin.

Regarding the status of women in the middle east, I’ll defer to this opinion:

Posted an image of this because links on the internet are very unreliable. But here's the URL: http://ace.mu.nu/archives/312107.php


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