Physician, Heal Thyself!

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I never thought someone could make such a speech to an audience of liberals and live to tell about it. The speaker is Jonathan Haidt at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology convention, and here’s the political make up of his audience:

He polled his audience at the San Antonio Convention Center, starting by asking how many considered themselves politically liberal. A sea of hands appeared, and Dr. Haidt estimated that liberals made up 80 percent of the 1,000 psychologists in the ballroom. When he asked for centrists and libertarians, he spotted fewer than three dozen hands. And then, when he asked for conservatives, he counted a grand total of three.

And his observation to them:

“This is a statistically impossible lack of diversity,” Dr. Haidt concluded, noting polls showing that 40 percent of Americans are conservative and 20 percent are liberal… Anywhere in the world that social psychologists see women or minorities underrepresented by a factor of two or three, our minds jump to discrimination as the explanation,” said Dr. Haidt, who called himself a longtime liberal turned centrist. “But when we find out that conservatives are underrepresented among us by a factor of more than 100, suddenly everyone finds it quite easy to generate alternate explanations.”

Read it all, but here’s the kicker. After absorbing this body blow, Dr. Haidt challenged the executive committee to endorse a goal of “10% conservative membership by 2020.”

Wow… 10%. That’s the most unbalanced representation of reality by people charged with having a hold on such. Physicians, heal yourselves!

And the executive committee rejected this goal.


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