Dude Where’s My Brain


So this article is about the MSM treating Dem politicians better than R’s. That’s old news to me, however I noticed this in the comments about the surfboard photo:

Whats worse is the surfer photo is clearly staged. First, nobody travels with boards not in surfboard travel bags. Besides protection, it keeps the wax off you your Mens Warehouse suit when you carry it, you nitwits.

Some brilliant staffer thought this would be a great idea to connect with the youth vote, or some crap like that, and didn’t like the way the board bags looked (“guys, take the boards out of the bag so we can see them. And take those leashes off, that doesn’t look good”). Also, only one of the guys knows how to carry the board correctly. Pathetic.

So my observation is this administration is starting it’s 3rd year and they’re still making bonehead mistakes. Not that this is foreign policy type of stuff, but seriously – wasn’t this supposed to be the cream of the crop Ivy League grads and all that crap?


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