Democrat Disaster Continues to Unfold

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Certainily I’m no political prophet but even I could see this one coming from far away.

To begin with the media was painting Obama as The One. I’m popping brain cells trying to solve the puzzle of this – a POLITICIAN is being hailed as the single person who will solve all problems, not just of our country, but OF THE WORLD. And this was unquestionably true not merely because of what he said, but because of how well he looked and sounded when he said it.

I’m sorry, but I have to pause and ask the question – what kind of mush minded simpletons are granted the authority to sway public opinion with such immature sophomoric crap? I’m talking about news editors and producers, TV talking heads, university intellectuals – people that we assume have some minimum level of intelligence in order to qualify for a seat at the public forum. Boatloads of these people didn’t just swing and strikeout on Obama but they then proceeded to run the bases jumping up and down as if they hit a game winning homer. The reality is stunning in it’s juxtaposition to their imaginations.

This man was allowed DURING A PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN to, within a single week, both swear familial allegence to his pastor of 20 years and then claim to not know who the man was – and everyone was not supposed to notice.

Two years, a trillion dollars, and an epic failure in the mid-term elections later, and now the Democrats notice.


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