Lovely Labor Day

Even though labor politics are abhorrent I still appreciate the day off. Today was warmer than the first two days off… reached 90 on the thermometer and that’s cigar smoking beer drinking weather in my world.

Yards have been cleaned and some work email was managed… just sitting out front enjoying things in the shade while listening to a little slow paced Arturo Sandoval.

Here’s a photo of our amazing tomato plant… this puppy started out as a seedling and was the only one out of many that survived. Plated in March, which was way too early… transplanted into the ground about 6 weeks later and we thought they were all going to die. At one point this guy was wilted and all but lost – but around late July it just roared back to life and has turned into the biggest tomato plant I’ve ever seen… stands about 4 feet tall with vines a half inch thick – wow!

Garden 010


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