Wacky News

Okay, here are some items I found on drudgereport.com that may be a signal of the end of the world as we know it…

Chilean rescuers discovered 33 miners trapped 17 days after the mine collapsed… and don’t think they’ll be able to get them out until CHRISTMAS! That’s four months of rescue efforts… water and food are being provided and everyone’s healthy down there – but four months… wow.

Then there’s the 60 mile long traffic jam in China that’s going on it’s 9th day and “no end in sight”. Sheesh… pull over and get a bite to eat while it winds down… or take cooking classes – whichever takes less time.

Last but not least – crocodiles have been found wandering around  NYC, Chicago, and Brockton in Massachusetts.

Yeah, things are getting a little weird out there.


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