Obama Blames…

The Associated Press: Obama blames politics for delay on immigration

The headlines today are about Obama blaming politics for the delay of immigration reform, and it seemed to me that he likes to blame a lot of things… so I did a google search using the phrase “obama blames”.

Scary… once you get past the current immigration topic there are more than a hits. Here’s what the google reveals the president blaming over the past year or so:

GOP for failure of Senate jobs bill, immigration reform,
Bush for everything bad
BP for the oil spill (no duh…)
Congress for the oil spill (sure, why not)
Europe for not liking Americans
MMS (Minerals Mgt Service) for being captive to the oil industry
al-Qaida for the Christmas Day bombing attempt
GOP for lack of bipartisanship
Press for not explaining healthcare clearly
Regulators for Bernie Madoff

My point is not to review whether or not any of this blaming is right or wrong – the real point is that when you can enter “obama blames” into google and get such large volume and wide variety of hits, there may be a problem with “out of control” blaming.

Stop blaming. Suck it up. Get things done.

In the end your work will be apparent to all and it will either stand up on it’s own or diminish under critical review. But it’s your work – not others – so stop wasting time pointing fingers.

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