Gulf Oil Spill – Perspective

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Ixtoc 1

UPDATE: More oil spills here… and it DOESN’T mention the Deepwater rig or Valdez.

This is a very good overview, with BALANCE (in others words NOT bleeding with environmental tears) of the Gulf oil spill. Surprisingly when I checked to see who wrote it I was a little amazed that it’s a guy running for Congress in Massachusetts.

Good quote:

Ixtoc 1 is the second largest oil spill in history, eclipsed only by the intentional oil spill by Saddam Hussein’s army as it retreated from Kuwait in 1991. Estimate of Ixtoc 1 volume is 150M gallons of oil. Iraqi deliberate oil spill: 400M gallons. Current, and obviously rough, estimates of Deepwater Horizon oil spill: 20M gallons of oil. Exxon Valdez: 10M gallons.

It would be very interesting to look into the public perception of how big the Exxon Valdez spill was compared to the Gulf. Environmental issues are SO blown out of proportion by the media that I’m guess more people think the Valdez was the mother of all oil spills.


One Response to Gulf Oil Spill – Perspective

  1. rhardaway says:

    We also need to consider that the cable news media is accountable for this devastating event. During the last election, oil drilling was a central issue in the campaign, yet not one of the major news networks did a substantive or investigative report on oil drilling. Rather, they engaged in their usual practice, opinion mongering. Hold them accountable – part of the blame belongs with an apathetic press corp. – read this great blog on this issue, it is called, CNN: refracted culpability –

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