Switching to Android

Sayonara, iPhone: Why I’m Switching to Android – Newsweek

Interesting article… after reading it I found myself wondering why I don’t like Apple. Not just because I’ve used a PC all my life, but the fact that their products are sold as sort of an altruistic technology – which in itself sounds pretty ridiculous.

I encountered an Apple faithful once who swore their old Apple computer never broke down and I asked, “Then why is there a store near where I work that has a sign saying ‘Will Fix Broken Macs’? It’s been there for years and they seem to be doing good business.”

She didn’t know what to say… apparently the idea that technology never breaks down has been sold well by Apple. In my opinion, it’s been sold too well.

News came out today that Apple is a bigger company than Microsoft… even a co-worker of mine commented about the headline. What he was missing is that 99% of computers in the business world, where the real work occurs, are PCs.

And here’s a telling portion of the article above related to that:

I was a little shocked recently when an Apple spokesbot responded to the news of Android’s outselling iPhone OS by reciting the old chestnut about Apple’s having more phones out there.

I was shocked because it’s a familiar line, one that I’ve heard countless times in my 20-plus years covering technology. But I’ve only ever heard it from companies that are doomed and in total denial about it.

We’ve seen this movie before. In the 1980s, Apple jumped out to an early lead in personal computers, but then got selfish. Steve Jobs, a notorious control freak, just could not play well with others.

Along came Microsoft, with Windows, which was a knockoff of Apple’s operating system. Microsoft partnered with everyone and today has 90 percent market share, while Apple’s share lingers in the single digits.

Today the battlefield is mobile devices, and just as before, Apple jumped out to an early lead. And just as before, Jobs got selfish. He won’t support Flash, or any cross-platform tools—because he wants developers locked into his platform, and his App Store, where he collects a 30 percent commission.

He’s created his own advertising platform, and stacked the deck in his favor by refusing to share user data with other platforms. On that one he’ll take a 40 percent slice, thank you very much.

He’s even censoring content, ruling out material that he deems to be offensive. Not just porn, but anything that’s racy or suggestive, or that “ridicules public figures.”

What makes this even more insulting is that Jobs tries to dress up his selfishness as a kind of altruism. He says it’s all about creating a beautiful experience, that while he may be selling you an intentionally crippled device, he’s doing it for your own good.

Well, bull. The truth is, this is about Apple wringing every last dime out of its ecosystem and leaving nothing on the table for anyone else.


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