Well There You Have It

Today was very productive… unusual.

Okay, here’s a bit of honesty. I struggle with motivation at work and sometimes will “mail it in” if I’m feeling tired or bored.

I hate that.

Seriously, I’m paid good money and feel a responsibility to turn in a good 8 hours work. Except I don’t, and that’s always bothered me.

So lately I’ve been starting my day out with a little prayer asking God’s blessing. And I know others will look at this and say it has nothing to do with God but just me buckling down, but I have been motivated to not only work at work but to work at home as well.

I have a laptop and can log into the network from home, so other than a slower residential network I can pretty much do everything at home that I would be able to do at work. And things have been kind of busy at work, with a lot of interruptions to the point that I started looking at things I could do at home. And tonight it sort of exploded into a BUNCH of things…

Resolved a problem with a license server, fixed a backup program that stopped working, and wrote up a detailed explanation of all the servers that I had promised my admin team.

In addition to that I used my frequent flyer miles to book airfare to Oklahoma to see my daughter next month, and sent in a form the lawyer needed for finishing my son’s conservatorship case.

Crap… I might be too wound up to go to sleep tonight!

Seriously – it feels good to be productive. I know others won’t buy into it but I honestly believe it’s God honoring my prayers. He’s just that good to me.

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