Myths About the ‘Smart’ Grid

Pajamas Media » Myths Associated with the ‘Smart’ Electrical Grid

Great article that explains in detail where our nations electricty comes from and who’s responsible for it.

Myths exposed:

  • There exists a monolithic “national electric grid.”
  • The “national grid” is vulnerable to a system-wide failure.
  • The federal government needs to rebuild the grid.
  • Hackers in Russia and China can shut your house off by hacking the smart meter.
  • The “smart grid” will “vastly improve efficiency.”
  • (Partial Myth) The smart grid will allow more demand to be added to the grid without building more power plants.

I particularly like this quote:

In summary, people should avoid the mistake of applying analogies between the internet and the electrical power grid. They’re two very different things, and there’s precious little magic intelligent pixy dust to be sprinkled over the system to make things dramatically better.

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