Bing Translator – Another Obstacle Removed

So I’m installing some stress analysis software at work and it’s made by a small German company. They did their best to translate stuff to English but after filling out the registration form (to get a license file) I ran into the following message:

Ihre Eingaben wurden erfolgreich verarbeitet. In wenigen Minuten erhalten Sie eine E-Mail mit Ihren persönlichen Benutzerdaten. Bitte klicken Sie auf den Bestätigungslink in der E-Mail, um Ihren Account freizuschalten.
Sollten Sie Probleme haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an
Zum Kundenbereich

Whoa… I can pick out some words (“bitte” “probleme”) but was pretty clueless until I used Bing’s translator service. Cut and paste the above and I get:

Your entries were processed successfully. In a few minutes you will receive an email with your personal user data. Please click the confirmation link in the email to your account unlock. If you have problems, please contact to To the customer area

That’s pretty freakin impressive…


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