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But the best summary was in the comments section:

Mickey Rat (1 friends, send message) wrote: 14h 15m ago
The first public statement was when President Obama said plainly that Abdulmutallab is one guy, not part of a group conspiracy. Then Janet Napolitano said, “The system worked”, even though nothing worked except a courageous passenger who took the guy down. The next thing we heard was that our panty-bomber was injured, and has a lawyer who shut him up.

Then Al Queda gives a press conference saying, “He’s with us, he’s part of OUR conspiracy, and more are coming your way”.

Then we find out that our agencies already knew about him, and didn’t trouble themselves to share their knowledge. They do a mea culpa, order another “blue ribbon” coverup, and call it a day.

Then we learn that Holder and his crew didn’t bother to contact that “high value interrogation” group Obama promised to use on high value combatants. Then the republicans asked, “why did you Mirandize him and hire him a lawyer after 50 minutes again?” So the administration says, “he told us everything he knows in the 50 minutes before the lawyer shut him up”

Who believed that? Nobody. When the laugher died down, they announced “he’s talking again, and he is a fountain of knowledge”. Then a republican congressman says, “If that it true, shouldn’t this be classified? Why are you announcing this to the world when his intel might still be useful?”. So then then Gibbs gives a press conference to say, “We told them to keep quiet about this”. And the same day, Gibbs’ employee has a conference to say, “Nobody said we can’t talk, this guy has been telling all”.

Another great day at the White House.

My problem is this administration was hailed by the criminally responsible press as being the best and the brightest…


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