Abundance of Ignorance

This was found in the comments section of an article criticizing RFK Jr. for lamenting the lack of snow in the DC area last year:

Dec 21, 2009

David Freddoso: one snow fall and and you spout off negative comments about RJK jr??? Get your facts straight. No where does he say it will never snow again. Also, he gets his facts from scientists just like the rest of us who enjoy living and want to protect this Earth from ignorant or non-caring people like yourself.

Write an article of importance rather than attacking someone who is spending their life doing good for the rest of us and this planet.

I suppose you think global warming is fake. If so, why do people die when they run their car in their garage? Take billions of cars and think about what it’s doing to this planet.

GA Is Stupid
Dec 21, 2009

Your car produces Carbon Monoxide not Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Monoxide kills you when you run your car in your garage. Carbon Dioxide which true believers like GA believe cause imaginary global warming is produced when people including GA breathe. RFK, Jr. is a pompous rich do-gooder who couldn’t get a real job if his life depended on it. He probably didn’t even write the article Mr. Freddoso quoted but in the long line of Kennedy frauds had someone else ghost write it. Gawd help us all from the Kennedy’s and their ilk.


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