Mr. President: An Ugly Truth

Following the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts, Nancy Pelosi has finally caved to reality and announced she does not have House votes to pass Obama’s health care bill.

Add to that the news that the climate change Copenhagen agreement hammered out by the president is also expected to collapse.

The ugly truth is the Democrats, enabled by a press that idolized a politician the way a teenage girl pursues a rock star, have completely blown any advantage they had politically. With majorities in both houses of congress and a Democrat in the White House they appear to have willfully misread first the desire and then the anger of the American public.

Instead of healthcare, Americans want jobs. Instead of bailouts, Americans want strong industries. Instead of deficits, Americans want a balanced budget. Instead of international favor, Americans want security – especially while traveling on a jet at 40,000 feet.

Smaller government, lower taxes, less political handouts. It’s not that hard to figure out.

It’s also the complete opposite of what Pelosi, Reid and Obama have tried to do.


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