Both Sides Now – Megan McArdle

Both Sides Now – Megan McArdle

I’m in love w/Megan McArdle… she has a way of putting complex ideas into words I understand.

In this article she’s pretty much addressing all those people who see their political opponents as evil empires bankrupt of any moral values whatsoever. And her simple response to them is, “Grow up.”

In a situation like that, it is natural to despair that those who oppose you have made a tragic error. But if you want to rage, rage against the universe that provides us too little information, and too limited brains, to make perfect choices every time.  If Coakley wins (or Brown does and the Democrats manage, against my expectation, to pass something anyway), I won’t be happy about it.  But I don’t need to go inventing evils where none exist, for the sheer joy of venting my unhappiness on a person.  Life is too short for me to spend any time manufacturing hatred for strangers.


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