Profiling Whole Nations – Tunku Varadarajan

Profiling Whole Nations – Page 1 – The Daily Beast

The first half of this article plays some politics, but the second half has some smart solutions to the airline security issue – such as…

  • Put real “you’ll be cuffed if you look at me cross-eyed” police on all flights.
  • Review all visas from suspect countries and revoke those that don’t pass the smell test. Individuals get a review even if they’ve merely passed thru a suspect country.
  • Utilize peer pressure to encourage separation of “good” travelers from the bad. The idea is that if enough legitimate Saudis have to put up with restrictive security measures then they’ll lean on their radical brethren to clean up their act.
  • Change the crippling cultural viewpoint prevalent in both the US & UK that passing judgment (profiling) is worse than killing innocent people.

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