Okay, so we got in a fight… actually she got mad – I don’t think I did anything worthy of her wrath but that’s out of my control. Details…

(Yeah, so I went to work yesterday, which is unusual because my company has a shutdown between the holidays… need to work on a server while everyone’s gone. I left the house at noon and got there at 12:30. Was pretty involved with things and didn’t get around to calling her until 4:30… THAT’S why she’s mad. Go figure.)

Anyway, when I get home the silent treatment is employed big time. I make a few attempts to talk, even though I’m pretty sure I know why she’s mad. Whatever… so I finish out the day, get up the next morning to more silence. Okay – been thru this before so I’m ready to go about my business without pleasant conversation between us.

So I’m out the better part of the afternoon. I made plans weeks ago to meet with a friend. We had lunch and strolled around the campus of Stanford University while smoking a cigar – very enjoyable.

Arrive home at 7pm – silence is still enforced – only to pick up from conversation with her kids that they’re going somewhere tomorrow and will be gone for a few days. Really?!!! Well that’s different… not sure where she’s taking them but I’m thinking the house will be mine for a few days and it’ll be a good thing. Still, I’m a bit curious about where they’re going and whether I want to be a part of it.

Disneyland? Vegas? Tahoe? Hawaii?

Nope… Canada. CANADA.

It’s almost too humorous to write… wtf is there to do in Canada in the middle of winter? The only thing up there at this time of year is SNOW and her and the kids DON’T SKI!!

Canada… on New Years Eve for crying out loud.

UPDATE #1: She only told the kids it was Canada… guess she wants to surprise them. Still, I was almost audibly laughing thinking about Canada.

UPDATE #2: My apologies to any Canadians out there… I’m sure you have a fine country and all, but after growing up in the warmer climate of the SF Bay Area, a Canadian winter is not my idea of a fun vacation.


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