My Global Warming Rant

I’m not a scientist nor have I even read any of the material leaked from the CRU. And I’ll even agree that there is much at stake here; either environmental damage if AGW is true or trillions of dollars wasted if it is false.

But what I do know is that many “experts” have been hiding climate data for years… the CRU and NASA have both been the recipient of FOIA requests and both refused.

What a load of crap.

If the data is so unquestionable why does it remain unexamined? Wouldn’t an innocent man want the court to see evidence that proves beyond a doubt his innocence? Wouldn’t the subject of criticism rejoice at proving his accusers not just false, but UNQUESTIONABLY false?

Instead we are asked to trust those who have a vested interest in propping up AGW theories. Careers, funding, and egos are at stake – these are not the sources any rational person would turn to for an objective analysis.

Show the data.

Just show the data and if it stands up to critical scrutiny I will be quiet.


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