CPU Hell

Sometimes in the digital world you’re just screwed… eff’d around w/the iPod when I shouldve been working. Unplugged the iPod USB cable to use that connector cuz another drive wouldn’t register the faster 2.0 speed – then wondered why the iPod wouldn’t show in iTunes… after much googling decided to reinstall iTunes.

Which required a reboot… during which I realized the USB cable had been unplugged. That’s why iTunes couldn’t see the iPod (Homer Simpson moment… “D’OH!!”)

So now its finished rebooting and I’m trying to login but the domain isn’t recognizing my password and I’m locked out because of too many false attempts.

Crap – gotta call the Helpdesk to unlock the account… except “All Helpdesk agents are currently busy. Please call back or leave a voice message…”

Arrrgh!! Everyone else is locked out too!!


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