Dennis Miller: Swingin’ Copenhagen | Washington Examiner

Dennis Miller: Swingin’ Copenhagen | Washington Examiner

This guy’s too funny… being that I’m so out of touch w/the pop science known as TV I’m going to guess he’s the same Dennis Miller that was part of Monday Night Football a while ago.

The premise of this article is that the “warmists” now realize they went over the edge with their predictions of global devastation, and now need to be coaxed back to reality.

Says Dennis:

I say we offer them a lifeline right now. Come back little Sheba. Come to Papa. You went a little nuts. We understand. Of course, now that the fever dream has broken, you, too, realize that the ups and downs of temperature are what we call “the weather.”

Followed by this morsel:

Of course the only truly creepy thing “the weather” could do would be to remain perpetually constant. Now that would be weird!

Too good…


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