December 30, 2009

Okay, so we got in a fight… actually she got mad – I don’t think I did anything worthy of her wrath but that’s out of my control. Details…

(Yeah, so I went to work yesterday, which is unusual because my company has a shutdown between the holidays… need to work on a server while everyone’s gone. I left the house at noon and got there at 12:30. Was pretty involved with things and didn’t get around to calling her until 4:30… THAT’S why she’s mad. Go figure.)

Anyway, when I get home the silent treatment is employed big time. I make a few attempts to talk, even though I’m pretty sure I know why she’s mad. Whatever… so I finish out the day, get up the next morning to more silence. Okay – been thru this before so I’m ready to go about my business without pleasant conversation between us.

So I’m out the better part of the afternoon. I made plans weeks ago to meet with a friend. We had lunch and strolled around the campus of Stanford University while smoking a cigar – very enjoyable.

Arrive home at 7pm – silence is still enforced – only to pick up from conversation with her kids that they’re going somewhere tomorrow and will be gone for a few days. Really?!!! Well that’s different… not sure where she’s taking them but I’m thinking the house will be mine for a few days and it’ll be a good thing. Still, I’m a bit curious about where they’re going and whether I want to be a part of it.

Disneyland? Vegas? Tahoe? Hawaii?

Nope… Canada. CANADA.

It’s almost too humorous to write… wtf is there to do in Canada in the middle of winter? The only thing up there at this time of year is SNOW and her and the kids DON’T SKI!!

Canada… on New Years Eve for crying out loud.

UPDATE #1: She only told the kids it was Canada… guess she wants to surprise them. Still, I was almost audibly laughing thinking about Canada.

UPDATE #2: My apologies to any Canadians out there… I’m sure you have a fine country and all, but after growing up in the warmer climate of the SF Bay Area, a Canadian winter is not my idea of a fun vacation.


My Way News – Guantanamo prison may have to stay open until 2011

December 25, 2009

My Way News – Guantanamo prison may have to stay open until 2011

The prison in rural western Illinois may not be purchased from the state until March and will need up to 10 months of construction, said Joe Shoemaker, spokesman for Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

Shoemaker said, “The end of 2010 or the start of 2011 has always been the mark the administration talked to us about.”

Obama originally said Guantanamo would close Jan. 22, 2010. While that date proved unrealistic, the president has directed administration officials to move quickly to acquire the maximum-security prison in Illinois.

Okay, this isn’t the first time the president has spoken without fully thinking thru the implications.

He also was supposed to deliver 30,000 troops to Afghanistan by the summer of 2010. Military leaders are now saying it will take most of the year to prepare accomodations for landing and maintaining such a large force. Apparently Iraq was much more accessible and sustainable than Afghanistan.

So my curious comment is this – for a man who supposedly has vast resources at his disposal, Obama certainly doesn’t appear to operate from the same set of facts as the people who actually have to implement this stuff.

Who the hell is advising Obama and when is he going to be asked the difficult questions? (Rahm Emanuel, paging Rahm Emanuel…)

Failed Airline Bombing Attempted Terrorism |

December 25, 2009

White House: Failed Airline Bombing Was Attempted Act of Terrorism – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News –

So tell me – is Gitmo good enough for this guy or must we accord him the same legal privileges of a US citizen?

Guantanamo Prison to Stay Open Until 2011

December 24, 2009

My Way News – Guantanamo prison may have to stay open until 2011

I’m sorry but this is another clear example of Obama making promises he cannot keep.

At best, he was lying.

At worst, he didn’t realize how difficult the task would be.

And maybe – just MAYBE – George Bush was correct that the political cost of keeping Guantanamo open was less than the real costs of moving prisoners on to US soil.

Financial Villain of the Decade |

December 22, 2009

The Financial Villain of the Decade at

Good article about biggest financial mistakes of the past decade… readers send in their votes to determine the biggest money bad guy. Bernie Madoff was the winner, but write-in candidates Barney Frank as well as other politicians scored surprisingly well at doing bad.

In my opinion this was the best quote:

According to reader Frogigger, the Obama administration has wasted “more money than one man and a D-10 Cat could bury in a hole in 10 years time.”

Megan McArdle on the Healthcare Bill

December 20, 2009

Megan McArdle

No bill this large has ever before passed on a straight party-line vote, or even anything close to a straight party-line vote. No bill this unpopular has ever before passed on a straight party-line vote. We’re in a new political world. I’m not sure I understand it.

That doesn’t make me feel good about the future…

UPDATE: The Senate vote took place at 1 o’clock in the morning… speculation is that Harry Reid needed this ASAP in order to get it to the House before Christmas. My take is this piece of crap wouldn’t stand the light of normal working hours.

People will look back on this and wonder at why there wasn’t greater outrage. Reminds me of another late night meeting involving leadership…

Ann Althouse

December 18, 2009

Althouse: “When these capitalist gods of carbon burp and belch…”

“When these capitalist gods of carbon burp and belch their dangerous emissions, it’s we, the lesser mortals of the developing sphere who gasp and sink and eventually die.”

It’s Robert Mugabe, lecturing the leaders at the Copenhagen.

And now President Barack Obama is there. He’s saying, “The time for talk is over.” Ironically, he’s talking.

Too funny…